Octavion the Octopus

Octavion the Octopus

I have a soft spot for cute creatures, great and small. I often find myself doodling them in my sketchbook and here’s one that turned into a commission for a print by an old friend for her son’s room (who is the cutest child ever born by the way!) I’m honored that this little guy will be in that little guy’s room soon.  

Linus is…

Linus is...A Somber Seahorse

Man it’s been a busy couple of months! Great for my well being and student loan bills, bad for my blog. Since I wrote last, I moved from Atlanta to Austin, TX and gained a handful of new clients and have been working on a number of new projects that I can’t wait to get ready to post up on my portfolio. It’s also been a great several months because I was officially graduated early from Portfolio Center and had one of my student projects win a gold and best... Read The Rest →

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