Little Simon the Seahorse – Day 2

Little Simon the Seahorse

So, not so good at posting these on here everyday…but I’ve been doing them daily for over a week now. I will try and get better at posting. Promise. You can see the drama as it unfolds, however by following me on instagram @jessicaspitsfire DAY 2 – Little Simon the Seahorse to go along with his underwater buddy, Octavion the Octopus.  

Percival. The Robot.- Day 1

Percival. The Robot.

So, last week I started a new daily challenge for myself. I found an old, half used small sized sketchbook and thought to myself “that’s the perfect size for little characters and critters, I should fill it up”. So, that was how my Character A Day project was brought into this world. I have recently discovered that I really enjoy creating silly and (usually) cute creatures so I thought it’d be good to hone my skills and get faster at dreaming them up. Since I started I’ve had two colleagues join me... Read The Rest →

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