Halloween Deals

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fmtc halloween deals
It’s October and Halloween is right around the corner! Many publishers will be looking for Halloween deals to promote on their sites and blogs. We have a Halloween category that can be selected for any deal related to this day of tricks and treats (and hopefully no smelly feet). FMTC users can even search deals specifically for different holidays in the Browse Deals section:

Halloween Cat

Halloween-themed codes, such as SPOOKY, BOO, PUMPKIN, etc., will be placed in the Halloween category for you. However, it is helpful if you include the word Halloween in your label or description when adding the deals at the network. This will ensure that your seasonal promotions don’t get overlooked.

It’s never too early to submit your Halloween deals at the network. We’ll make sure they are ready and available throughout the month of October. Also, please don’t forget to add start and end dates.

I hope your deals for this first holiday give you a great start to Q4!


Halloween Jokes:

Q. What’s it like to be kissed by a vampire?

A. It’s a pain in the neck.

Q. What’s a vampire’s favorite fruit?

A. Blood oranges.

Q. Why are there fences around cemeteries?

A. Because people are dying to get in.

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