Announcing: UK and Australian Deal Banks

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The Deal Bank is now available for the UK and Australian markets. Bloggers with an audience in the UK or in Australia can now use our searchable directory of content to find deals fit for their region.

Wait – What’s the Deal Bank Again?

The Deal Bank is a tool we designed specifically for bloggers. We took all of the content we were collecting, cleaning and categorizing for our enterprise clients, and made it available for bloggers. It helps them find deals to share with their readers – and earn commissions when their readers click through and redeem the deals.

How Does the Deal Bank Work?

With the Deal Bank account for your region, you can:

  • Search our organized directory of deals
  • Find deals by merchant, niche or keyword
  • Easily copy your encoded link
  • Paste it into your blog post, Facebook status, etc.

Can I Try It Out?

We thought you’d never ask! You can try it out with a free account. Free accounts are free for the life of the product, but limited by the number of stores you’ll be able to search through:

  • The US/Canadian version includes 100 stores
  • UK and Australian versions each include 50 stores

Upgrade at any time for more stores and more deals (subscriptions are $50/month) – or keep the free account – there’s no time limit!


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