Program Managers – What You Should Know About FMTC’s Relationship Tracking

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FMTC Relationship Tracking

What you should know about FMTC Relationship tracking

I’ve had many program managers come to me worried about their program’s status being listed as “relationship not verified” on their profile page. You may see a status that looks like this:

FMTC Relationship Tracking

What it Means

The “status” you’re seeing is a section for the publishers who use our feed. We use Merchant Sync to determine if they are joined to a program.

  • Green means they’re joined
  • Red means they’re not joined
  • Orange means we don’t have their network details, so the status is unknown

It helps them to know if they can use your program’s deals. We make it simple for publishers to know what programs they’re approved for and which ones they need to join.
Since you have a merchant account, you will always see the status as orange because you do not have a network ID entered into a publisher account. This is what it looks like in a publisher’s account if they’re approved:

FMTC Relationship Tracking

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any other questions about your merchant profile page!

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