Affiliate Roundup: 2021 Recap and More

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

2021 Recaps, 2022 Predictions

This week’s highlights: 2021 year in review, plus trends and forecasts for 2022. Find the most interesting news in affiliate each week in our Affiliate Roundup!


Best Practices, Explainers and Predictions

Can livestream shopping in the US catch up to China’s soaring growth?

Lessons we can learn from China on how to implement livestream shopping.

Source: Marketing Dive


Charts: Online Grocery Sales in the U.S.

What we learned during the pandemic regarding customers’ needs when it comes to online groceries.

Source: Practice Ecommerce


Has Apple brought an early end to cookies in the UK?

There may be a health food joke here because it references Apple’s changes.

Source: Digiday


Case Studies, Profiles and Awards

Five Ways to Track Affiliate Sales Through TikTok

Useful tips for affiliate marketers partnering with TikTok affiliates.

Source: PeformanceIN


How a former Ozarks educator made the switch from principal to online shopping influencer

How educator-turned-influencer Joellyn Travis found success through affiliate marketing.

Source: PeformanceIN


Gift card sales grow 114% during holidays for retailers

Gift card sales and some strategies merchants used to promote them.

Source: Digital Commerce 360


Publisher spotlight: StormX

A closer look at global crypto cashback provider StormX.

Source: ShareASale


Rakuten’s Personalized Targeted Cash Back Offers Gain Momentum

Rakuten’s Personalized Rewards, initially announced in October 2020, lauded by companies like Saks Fifth Avenue and FitFlop.

Source: MediaPost


With Button’s PostTap SMS product, Redbubble’s affiliate program gained an incremental $5 per subscriber

How Redbubble’s affiliate program fared with PostTap SMS.

Source: Button


Events, Webinars and Podcasts

Marketing, Content & Commerce, a recap

Looking back at Martech Record’s first live affiliate marketing event, Marketing, Content & Commerce, and highlighting three different industry perspectives.

Source: Martech Record


Martech Record Winter Virtual Networking Happy Hour.

Games, breakout rooms, and contests on January 12th, 4:30pm EST.

Source: Martech Record


Affiliate Adjacent

AppLovin With MoPub Forecast To Process $15B In Annual Ad Spend By 2023

AppLovin predicts $15 billion of annualized advertiser spend by 2023.

Source: MediaPost


Publishers, Stop Prioritizing Monetization Over User Experience

A word of caution for publishers using ads.

Source: Ad Exchanger


The Great App Advertising Exodus — Or Not

A response to eMarketer’s analysis on app advertising.

Source: MediaPost


TikTok dethrones Google as most-visited website

TikTok is the most popular web address in the world in 2021.

Source: Marketing Dive


Will Web3 Change Ecommerce?

Thoughts on how a decentralized web might affect ecommerce.

Source: Practical Ecommerce


2021 Year in Review

Recaps, reviews, and predictions by some of the biggest names in the industry.



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