Tips For Promoting Your Offers Via FMTC

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tips for promoting offers fmtc
We want to help you reach publishers and promote your offers!

To ensure that FMTC can pull your offers from the networks, so they will be used by as many publishers as possible, use these helpful tips.

Best Practices

  • Use Text Links – We do not pull banners so be sure to enter your deals and offers as text or coupon links at the networks.
  • Include Dates – Please include start and end dates for each promotion. If there is an end date missing, we may have to contact the program rep to obtain the expiration date. Consequently, this can result in delayed deal distribution. If the deal is non-expiring, it would be helpful to state that in the label or description.
  • Include Terms & Restrictions – If your offer has a minimum purchase requirement or is not valid on certain items, please be sure to include that info. You can put terms in the ad copy or description.
    • If an offer doesn’t work, we put it in our hold queue. The deal is not processed until we’ve contacted the program manager to verify the non-working code, which is often due to undisclosed exclusions or minimum requirements.
  • Update Deals – If there is a change to a deal, be sure to update the information in the network. Our system detects changes made to labels or coupons. Then, our data entry team reviews the changes and makes the appropriate updates. We pull data from the API every 45 minutes or so, and changes made as we receive them
    • Examples of changes are expiration dates, product prices, terms and conditions, etc.

Give Your Offers a Boost

  • Use Coupon Codes – Many of our clients use the Coupon Mini feed which gives them access to all offers that include a coupon code. If you’re able to add a code to an offer, please do. This will help your offer reach more publishers and get posted on their sites. Also, many customers search for codes when shopping online.
  • Offer Free Shipping – Free Shipping is a very popular offer that shoppers love, so publishers are always looking for these offers. You can make sitewide free shipping offers or free shipping on specific products.
  • Include Discount Amount in Ad Copies – Deals may seem more attractive if the discount is displayed. For example, you can put “35% off New Smartphone Now: $89.99” rather than something like “New Smartphone on Sale”.

I hope these tips help, but you can always email [email protected] if you have any questions!

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