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Please nominate FMTC for CJU’s People’s Choice Award by Friday, June 27th!

Over the last year, FMTC has made big strides in bridging the gap between affiliates and merchants.


Bloggers have tremendous influence and reach. Unfortunately, getting them to join the world of affiliate marketing has not been easy. FMTC is doing its part by educating bloggers on affiliate marketing. Our Deal Bank makes it easy for them to find affiliate offers their readers will like.


Our Merchant Sync tool adds programs to our clients’ FMTC accounts as soon as they are approved at the network – eliminating the “you’ve been approved, when are you going to get active” conundrum.


Merchants interested in getting more exposure for their program and their promos can be featured in our client dashboard, newsletter, blog, and social channels. We provide links for new affiliates to join your program, as well as highlight special offers and commission structures.


FMTC may have started out as a coupon feed, but today, we are so much more! We provide our clients with extensive data on the merchants we support, including ship-to countries, product categories, payment options, logos and more. We also collect and build deep links to category pages, such as best sellers and new arrivals, giving our users more ways to promote a merchant.


Sites like Ebates,, and iGive rely on our datafeed to keep up with promos merchants are running via the affiliate channel. Every offer that enters our system is human tested before we send it off to our clients. If we find an error, we let the merchant know, which benefits all affiliates – not just FMTC clients.


FMTC is a proud member of the PMA. Many of our staff members sit on boards, speak at conferences, and otherwise contribute to the betterment of our industry.

We appreciate your nomination for CJU’s People’s Choice Award. Please keep in mind that voting closes on Friday, June 27th!

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