Linus is…

Man it’s been a busy couple of months! Great for my well being and student loan bills, bad for my blog. Since I wrote last, I moved from Atlanta to Austin, TX and gained a handful of new clients and have been working on a number of new projects that I can’t wait to get ready to post up on my portfolio. It’s also been a great several months because I was officially graduated early from Portfolio Center and had one of my student projects win a gold and best in show ADDY award. Fingers crossed it does well at the national level!

So finally being out of school, it’s also been great to (occasionally) have time to do silly little side projects. Linus is… is a project in spired by my ridiculous little dachshund named Linus. Every time I look at him he appears to be some different little creature. I plan to make this a fun little exercise in sketching, character development and inking styles when I look at him and he inspires a new silly chimera. Take a seahorse, for example:


Linus the Somber Seahorse

Linus is...A Somber Seahorse

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