I worked with Zoticus Design in Austin TX on this comp for Republic Tequila. The client ended up choosing an alternate version we designed.

The idea behind this design for Republic Tequila is that Republic Tequila is your local tequila, no matter where you happen to hang your hat. The site would automatically read your computer’s IP Address and generate a header image and text based on your location. There would be a library of city and/or region specific imagery to call upon, and that library could be expanded upon as new markets open up. The image would load automatically and be followed by a statement playing off of Republic Tequila’s tag line “Viva the Republic”, meaning“Long live the Republic”. In the first example below, if a viewer from the New York area visited the site, the first text they would read is “Viva New York”. The text would then transition to “Viva Tequila” and finally change to and remain “Viva the Republic”. The rest of the design is intended to create a clean visual flow through their story finally ending on the varieties of Tequila they distill. Each area of the site makes sharing on social media or accessing recipes easy. This is intended to foster an online community around the Tequila, no matter where you are, or where you may go…

Republic Tequila

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