Old Father Fly – Day 17


Character A Day – Day 17 Old Father Fly was not pleased “all these damn kids” were encroaching on his forest home. We told him to buzz off. So he did…albeit rather slowly.

Into the new

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 8.07.24 PM

A couple weeks ago I was hired by a local (Austin) marketing agency to do an¬†architectural¬†illustration for an informational brochure they were designing for a client. It was a great experience and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I suppose it really appealed to my left brain side. Although within my knowledge base, it’s not something that I have a ton of experience in. The process for any project, however, is pretty standard. Here’s a glimpse at how the process goes from the initial client sketch, to... Read The Rest →

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